Population growth, urbanisation, and higher living standards are driving increasing levels of waste generation around the world. In many countries the default disposal option for waste management is still landfilling. Typically, around 1.2 kg of municipal solid waste is produced per person per day. This equates to very large volumes for urban populations and includes a significant organic fraction in the order of 60%.

These organic wastes combine to form potential for significant environmental and economic impacts;

  • Fugitive greenhouse gas emissions linked with air pollution and climate change
  • Leachates laden with nutrients contributing to eutrophication of waterways
  • Consolidation to large modern landfills increasing transport distances/costs

The TERAX™ technology was developed to address the challenge of organic waste management to provide a cost-effective, and just as importantly, secure disposal route that is not subject to the risks currently burdening many municipalities. Diversion of organic waste from landfill through a Terax hydrothermal treatment system can deliver substantial benefits through;

  • Reduced volumes by destruction of organic solids;
  • Reduced harm by controlled capture of breakdown products and sterilising biological contaminants;
  • Recovering value through targeted deconstruction and recovery of carbon and nitrogen compounds for energy and fertiliser applications.

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